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  • Pound Ridge Methodist Church, now Pound Ridge Community Church 1850-1983. Compiled and indexed by Jay Harris.
  • Pound Ridge Presbyterian Church 1820-1938 - Baptism, marriages, and deaths. Presently being indexed.
  • Pound Ridge Presbyterian Church Sessional Records 1822-1899. Compiled by George W. Hoyt.
  • Dantown Church
  •  East Woods Methodist Church
  • Sellecks Corner Chapel
  • Long Ridge Methodist Church



  • Tombstone Records of 18 cemeteries in Pound Ridge, can also be found on
  • Lockwood Journal - Includes genealogy of early Pound Ridge Families and accounts of Tarleton's Raid, 1779. Indexed.
  • Births, Deaths and Marriages 1846-1853. Compilation of Pound Ridge Town Records with index by Peg Malcolm and Richard Major.



  • Marriages by Aaron Fancher, JP, 1838-1871. Indexed.
  • Marriages by William Patterson, Minister of the Pound Ridge Presbyterian Church, 1837-1886. Indexed.



  • Road Lists (copies) of Pound Ridge 1798, 1799, 1806 to 1892. The society's files extend only to 1852.
  • Vertical Files of Pound Ridge surnames.
  • God's Country - A history of Pound Ridge by Jay Harris, 1976. The society now has reprints available for sale.
  • Transcription of an address (1972) given by L. Raymond Waterbury, Tax Assessor of Pound Ridge 1934-1967. Talks about history of the Long Ridge Road area.
  • Interview, 1939, with George Rusco, supervisor of Pound Ridge, 1894-1927. Indexed.
  • Archival Collection, now 2000 items, has been compiled in large database. All names, places, etc. associated with these items are included in this database.
  • Historic notes on the Ward Pound Ridge Reservation by Phil Pessoni, 1997.

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