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Image Research Request

The Society will provide digital copies of photographs from its files at a nominal charge in exchange for an agreement that images provided to you will not be copied, reproduced, sold, or published in any fashion without the written permission of the Pound Ridge Historical Society. Additional fees are required for each use if the image is to be used for commercial purposes. In these cases, wherever the image is displayed, credit must be given to the Pound Ridge Historical Society. Please note, if any image provided to you is subject to existing copyright restrictions, the Pound Ridge Historical Society will endeavor to identify such but cannot be responsible for our inability to do so, and you, as the user, are solely responsible for any copyright infringement.

I have read and agree to the conditions stated with respect to use of any images provided to me by the Pound Ridge Historical Society. *
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I am interested in photographs pertaining to:
Please provide address, landmark name, and/ or names of previous owners

Once your request is submitted, a volunteer member will let you know what images we have available and will schedule an appointment for you to preview the images and complete your purchase request form.

To initiate the image research process, please submit our processing fee below together with the Image Research Request Form.


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