What's Happening in Pound Ridge?

We're passionate about Pound Ridge history and strive to recreate meaningful slices of our own history every year. Here are some of our present and past endeavors.


Summer/Fall 2017


The Pound Ridge Historical Society opened “Modern in Pound Ridge: 20th Century Architecture + Lifestyle” at the Pound Ridge Museum on April 23, 2017. Exhibition chair Jennifer Stahlkrantz says, “This is a real departure for the Society as the show will feature the town’s first comprehensive survey of Modern and Contemporary architecture—a part of our town’s history that has been largely neglected. We look forward to showing how Mid-century Modern designs changed the Pound Ridge landscape and influenced the Contemporary designs that followed.” 

Forward-looking and optimistic, Mid-century Modernism combined efficiency, functionalism, simplicity, and a harmony with nature to create a new aesthetic. The movement arrived in Pound Ridge—a town with a reputation for embracing the independent-minded—in 1939, and from then until the early 1970s, at least 42 Mid-century Modern houses were built. Many of the people who built or bought them were young couples prominent in the art, advertising, and publishing world. Architects included Edward Larrabee Barnes, Peter Blake and Julian Neski, and David Henken. Modernism eventually gave way to post-Modern and Contemporary styles. The key figure in this transition was master builder Vuko Tashkovich, who built 28 houses in Pound Ridge.

Just ended, "Modern in Pound Ridge" was a groundbreaking exhibition featuring striking photography, video storytelling, and three-dimensional displays. 

Past Exhibits

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Hiram Halle 


The exhibit highlighted Hiram Halle’s pivotal role in the development of Pound Ridge and its historical hamlet. Various aspects of Halle’s life were covered, including his many and notable accomplishments as an American businessman, humanitarian, inventor, philanthropist and arts collector.  The exhibit was filled with photos, memorabilia, video and antiques that brought to life the legacy of Hiram Halle. The exhibit ran from May through November 2015. 


Garden club 


2016 was the Pound Ridge Garden Club’s 75th anniversary. The exhibit that year honored their work and contribution to the Pound Ridge community from the time of their inception in 1941 when they joined the Federated Garden Clubs of New York State, Inc. and held their first show, “Victory Garden Harvest”, to the annual shows thereafter, as well as their civic projects.

Banner: 75th Anniversary of the Pound Ridge Garden Club Exhibit,  2016