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Become a Memory Keeper, too!

If you love history and want to support your town we invite you to volunteer with the Pound Ridge Historical Society.  Volunteers are vital to the Society’s mission. We can’t do it without you.  Please consider lending your time, your skills, your leadership. It's our goal to make volunteering as enjoyable for you as it is valuable for us. 

EventS & Exhibitions

Naval Veteran Association, July 21, 1915

Naval Veteran Association, July 21, 1915

Volunteers can get involved in all facets of our events and exhibits – planning, research, promotion, set-up, docents, tour guide.  We could not do all this without the generous help of volunteers.  Join the ranks as a memory keeper of Pound Ridge and let us know how you can help.


Help raise needed funds for Pound Ridge Historical Society's programs, exhibits and events. Even if you’ve never raised money before, your contribution to our fundraising efforts are valued. Fundraising isn’t just about collecting money; it also entails effectively communicating why the donations are needed. If you have good communication skills and can help extend our fundraising and development network please consider lending your time and support. 

school outreach

Stamp Club, ca. 1953

Stamp Club, ca. 1953

Interested in supporting local students learn about their town and perhaps help spark a love of history?  Whether you are able to volunteer for a day, a few weeks or several months, you'll find a variety of outreach volunteer opportunities with our school-aged programs. The Third Grade Bus Tour, the Fifth Grade History Tour, and the Scholarship Prize are just a few of the programs needing your support.  



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