The Hiram Halle Prize

Are you into History? You could win a $2000 Prize

This is for students – residents of Pound Ridge – in their sophomore, junior or senior year with the interest and drive to create a project that highlights some aspect of Pound Ridge history. This year’s $2000 Hiram Halle Prize will be awarded by the Pound Ridge Historical Society to the most original, thoughtful, and best-executed project that brings a piece of our town’s past to life.

The subject matter to choose from is rich and varied. Why is our town called Pound Ridge? How and why did people first come here? How did they live? What happened here during the Revolutionary War? How did Pound Ridge become a center for shoemaking, basket making or the smelting of oyster shells? How and why did the hamlet become a National Historic District? What made Hiram Halle decide to preserve as many historic houses in Pound Ridge as he could, and how did he go about it? There are many possibilities.

Hiram Halle, a successful businessman, inventor and philanthropist, was perhaps Pound Ridge's greatest benefactor as he revitalized the town by renovating dozens of historic buildings in the 1930s bringing new life to a rural community during the difficult years of the Great Depression.

For more information, please contact us at: or leave a message at 914-764-4333 or fill out the application below.

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